The diet of politicians: what people in power like to eat

What the presidents and other politicians ate and continue to eat can be judged from a variety of sources. The main thing is that they are quite enough to make a whole picture.

Winston Churchill

Modern nutritionists would be horrified if they knew what the famous British Prime Minister ate. Churchill could not stand porridge, just like milk. For breakfast, he preferred fried potatoes and a large portion of chop. The first meal ended with a few cups of coffee and toast with jam. After breakfast, the minister went to bed. This habit helped him work at night. Already at dinner he enjoyed oysters and the most expensive cheeses. For dessert, Winston usually ate ice cream. But, but dinner sometimes combined everything to be served for breakfast and lunch.

It is interesting that the prime minister could not do without alcoholic beverages even for a day. In particular, he adored champagne and whiskey. Some historians even call him a drunkard. However, no one has ever seen the minister drunk.

Theodore Roosevelt

One of the most famous US presidents ended up in the White House in 1933, when the Great Depression was just ending in America. Therefore, it is not surprising that during his reign the White House became famous for receptions with the most terrible dishes.

The thing is that the president used the menu as a political tool. He specially fed other politicians with what ordinary people eat. In this situation, he showed himself as the wisest citizen. After all, he realized that the country’s economy was in a difficult situation. Therefore, Roosevelt could not even imagine that the budget could be spent on various delicacies.

In those days, he ate the same as all other Americans. He ate boiled eggs, potatoes and puddings.

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