The diet of politicians: what people in power like to eat

Angela Merkel

The German vice-chancellor loves Italian spaghetti, which he eats almost every day. She usually has a simple lunch: she eats chicken broth or stewed cabbage. However, recently it became known that Merkel switched to a healthy diet, abandoning her beloved Bavarian sausages and other unhealthy foods. Now she prefers vegetables and fruits. She always asks for other dishes to be kept away from her eyes. At the same time, Angela stated that she loves to cook on her own. She is best at baking pies.

Alexander Lukashenko

The Belarusian president has already stated many times that he loves potato dishes. However, due to the high calorie content, he does not allow himself to eat potatoes daily. Lukashenka has a special love for various delicacies and flour products. In particular, he loves delicious cakes.

The president practically does not drink coffee, as he prefers tea, and instead of meat he usually eats fish. He also tries to replace cereals with vegetables. In general, Lukashenka tries to take care of his health, which he has repeatedly stated in numerous interviews.

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