The diet of politicians: what people in power like to eat

Charles de Gaulle

The most famous French president was so devoted to his country that he ate only traditional French dishes. His menu always included fish tomato soup, baguette with garlic sauce and rabbit with prunes. But the president was never drawn to desserts. He always refused croissants and profiteroles. But he loved foie gras and lamb meat and other gourmet dishes.

By the way, De Gaulle became famous for his sensitivity. During political dinners with colleagues from other countries, he always followed the contents of the table. For example, pork was never served at the table in order to avoid embarrassment at meetings with Muslims.

Margaret Thatcher

Once upon a time, almost the whole world went crazy when all the magazines began to publish Margaret Thatcher’s own diet. Every day she had two eggs, black coffee and one grapefruit for breakfast. Eggs were also relied on for lunch, a plate of vegetables was added to them. For dinner, Thatcher ate lean meat or fish with stewed vegetables. The diet consisted of almost one protein and fiber. Nutritionists would not believe that you can eat like this for life. However, Margaret herself claimed to be on a diet to keep herself in good physical shape.

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