Dangerous flowers at home: what plants you need to get rid of urgently

Many apartment owners are not even aware that a dangerous plant may be in their house. Some people live with such flowers all their lives, not realizing that it is because of them that pets behave strangely, and the child has a constant allergy. There are a huge number of such plants. Almost everyone knows about certain species, but there are also flowers that no one suspects about the danger. We will tell about them today.

Crassulaceae family

Not everyone even knows that this is the same tree that is popularly called the money tree. Yes, the tradition of keeping a money tree at home has been formed for a long time. It is not known where exactly the sign came from, which tells us that a fat woman attracts wealth. But one cannot argue with the fact that almost every second novice florist first of all goes to the market for the money tree. However, such beginners usually do not have complete knowledge about caring for a plant. Because of this, the only thing you can expect is endless problems.

How exactly can a fat woman be dangerous? Is the reason lies in the complex care and fastidiousness? No, the thing is that there is arsenic in the leaves of the fat woman, which is a dangerous poison. Therefore, when caring for him, you need to follow the rules of precaution. Otherwise, you may gradually poison yourself without even knowing it. In addition, the leaves can be eaten by an animal. There are many stories about how cats and dogs were poisoned or received a dangerous allergic reaction.

There were also situations when small children ate the leaves. Fortunately, no one died, because the plant does not contain such a large amount of arsenic. But here are the specific symptoms due to poisoning with a fat woman, it will not be possible to name a rarity. The leaves can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dry throat, and severe abdominal pain. If you think you, a child, or another family member has been poisoned by this plant, call an ambulance immediately.

Another danger lies in psychology. Overly emotional people can fall into a stressful state simply because the tree does not grow, which means there will be no wealth. Or, on the contrary, a fat woman can bloom incredibly, and a person will still sit still and wait for him to get rich. If you feel that you are one of those people, the plant should definitely not be taken.

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