Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Daily

A balanced and varied menu is the key to good health and metabolism. But there are some foods that people eat daily, unaware that nutritionists advise against eating them regularly. We tell you what kind of food you can not eat every day.

Rice cakes

There are a lot of snack lovers out there. Someone likes to eat a chocolate bar, and someone likes a loaf or a cracker. You may be surprised, but the second option is not the most useful. Of course, bread is rich in fiber. But besides her, there is practically nothing in them to help the body function normally. Sometimes they can be a snack, but definitely not every day.

Fruit smoothies

At one point, everyone began to completely give up caffeine, changing their morning coffee to another habit – a fruit smoothie. Indeed, this is a tasty and healthy drink, it also has a lot of calories. But the latter is not entirely true. Imagine how much sugar you consume when you drink a whole glass of smoothie in the morning. Try to alternate fruit and vegetable drinks. Then you will definitely not have problems with an excess of sugar.


Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, any kind of it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, the very substances that our diet cannot do without. But is it worth eating cabbage every day? Nutritionists say that such a habit can lead to problems with the thyroid gland. Therefore, she needs to eat less often. It contains goitrogens. In fact, these are organic substances that, in large doses, begin to interfere with the thyroid gland to properly absorb iodine, the lack of which can lead to serious health problems, including hypothyroidism.

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