6 strange delicacies that not everyone dares to try

We have collected the strangest delicacies from around the world. Most of them look intimidating. Some – indeed, pose a real threat to life. But has that ever stopped thrill-seekers?

Live octopus

Many people love seafood. But not everyone dares to eat a live octopus. What can not be said about the inhabitants of China, Japan and Korea. In these countries, a special dish is served – sannakchi. The octopus can be served whole or cut into pieces, and its tentacles will still wiggle. However, in the pursuit of thrills, you can lose your life. The poor animal can easily strangle the eater by sticking its tentacles to its throat. It is for this reason that sannakji is banned in many countries around the world.

Coffee Kopi Luwak

The most expensive, but in fact, the most ordinary coffee. Shocking original way to get it. First, coffee beans are given to eat a small animal musang living in Southeast Asia. Under the influence of enzymes, the grains in his intestines ferment and lose their bitterness. It is not possible to completely digest grains in musang. In almost unchanged form, they are collected from the excrement of the animal. After that, the coffee is ground and brewed, enjoying a pleasant, mild taste.

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