A man took a picture of his pregnant wife and saw the unbelievable

What is the likelihood of this outcome? If you are pregnant or your significant other is pregnant, you probably want to capture the moment. Dave felt the same way and took a picture of his pregnant wife. At first it looked like a beautiful photo of his wife, but then the couple found something special in the background.

Pregnancy is a special time. But Dave’s photo shows something else, something very unique. And we’re not talking about a posh beach where his wife is exposing her belly and posing.

One day Angelina Moser and her husband Dave decide to go to the sea to take some beautiful photos. My parents had a great day and wanted to swim and have lunch after the photo shoot.

Dave had his camera ready to take pictures of his pregnant wife. Is the light correct, is the background good in the form of the sea and beach, when ready, say “potatoes”! And just after the camera clicked, the couple heard a splash. Angelina couldn’t figure out what it was and Dave wasn’t sure.

Want to know what was behind it? Then take a look at the photos on the next page.

Luckily, digital photography makes it quick and easy to see what your camera is capturing. The couple looked at the pictures they had just taken and saw that there was a dolphin there! The dolphin seemed to know exactly when to jump out of the water. At the very moment when Angeline is smiling into the camera, a dolphin jumps out of the sea. What a beautiful picture!

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