The most beautiful beach towns with cheap living

A huge number of people around the world dream of one day breaking out of the daily routine to move to the coast in a country where rents will be very low, as well as the cost of living. In fact, these are ordinary fantasies, since such an opportunity really exists, but such a life is not for everyone. Obviously, in such cities, you can run into problems with food (it can be incredibly spicy or extremely specific), or no one will even speak English. Although it is worth noting that some people do choose this option. Let’s put aside all practical problems and consider fantastic places where you can arrange a heavenly life for yourself.

Algarve, Portugal

It is very hard to believe that in a European state with a huge maritime border, on which many resorts are broken, life will cost so cheap. Another advantage is that the vast majority of the locals are fluent in English.

Here you can rent the accommodation that suits you. At the same time, if you do not have any special requests, then you will not be able to spend more than $ 300. For $600 you can rent a truly luxurious apartment that will remind you every day that you are living in a fairy tale. It’s very easy to hit $1,000 a month here.

Cartagena, Colombia

Life in this small Colombian town is a permanent holiday in the resort. There are constant parties here, and many options for outdoor activities are offered. Everyone is guaranteed to be able to find a vacation to their liking.

One of the best islands in the Caribbean for diving. Here you can watch the amazing underwater life, relax on the beach or go to the next festival. The local culture is truly amazing. Be sure to visit the old town, which has preserved its appearance since the time of the Spanish colonization. These buildings leave no one indifferent.

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