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Exotic plus-size models you’ll want to follow!

When it comes to the body-positive movement, American women Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday come to mind. What about other, more exotic beauties? We found 10 Instagram accounts of plus-size models from Asia-Pacific that you will definitely want to follow.

  1. Tinder Kaur

Tinder Kaur is a Punjabi-Sikh plus-size model currently based in Los Angeles. At one time, the girl worked in Silicon Valley. After leaving the technical department, Kaur plunged headlong into the modeling business.

  1. Velonica Pome

Veronica Pome is a Polynesian beauty from California. The girl successfully realizes herself in modeling. In her free time, Velonika volunteers – she helps other people find love for themselves and their bodies.

  1. Naomi Watanabe

With a height of 157 centimeters, the weight of Naomi Watanabe reaches 100 kilograms. For the Japanese, such dimensions are a real exotic. At home, the plus-size model became famous thanks to her provocative parodies of the singer Beyoncé – her performances gather full houses, and almost 10 million people have already subscribed to her Instagram account.

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