Life hacks to help you get a big potato harvest: Asian farmers share tips

Potatoes are grown in almost every part of the world. Asia is no exception. Asians are actively planting potatoes, and the results they are achieving will surprise any resident of Russia. Absolutely everyone dreams of such harvests. Therefore, we decided to tell what farmers do in Asia in order to collect large crops later.

Heat shock

The heat shock technique allows you to activate a huge number of eyes. When using the method, tubers should be germinated at temperatures up to 20 degrees. After sprouts up to 5 millimeters begin to appear, the potatoes are transferred to a colder and brighter room with a temperature of up to 8 degrees. When the potatoes begin to green, you can start planting.

This method perfectly helps to germinate bushes with the largest number of stems.

When potatoes are exposed to sunlight and heat, solanine is produced in the tubers. Due to this, the plant reduces the risk of various diseases.

Use of ash

The composition of vegetable ash, according to scientists, includes more than 70 chemicals that potatoes need for full development and rapid growth. Among the elements it is worth highlighting zinc, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. The additive will definitely help increase your yield by 15% at least. At the same time, it can be applied not only during planting, but also during the active growth of plants.

If you are adding ash before planting, you will need about half a tablespoon per hole. If you add it when sprouts appear, the amount of ash should be increased to two tablespoons.

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