Life hacks to help you get a big potato harvest: Asian farmers share tips

Deep landing

Such a landing is usually carried out a little later. This is necessary so that the earth has time to warm up at a depth.

At the same time, the soil should be loose enough to contain the required amount of useful elements. For this reason, preparation for shrinkage begins in the fall.

Before you start planting potatoes, you need to dig a hole up to 100 centimeters in diameter and up to 50 centimeters deep. Half a bucket of compost mixed with superphosphate and ash is poured into the bottom of each pit. Potatoes are already directly planted in the composition. Then everything is covered with earth and watered with a large volume of water.

If possible, the pit is replaced by a trench. In this case, the compost can be covered with a large slide and potatoes can already be planted in the center. The distance between the slides is usually not less than 40 centimeters.


This action allows you to increase the yield by as much as two times. In this case, we can say that it is divided into two parts. The tubers from the first part will be used for food consumption, and the tubers from the other part will be needed for planting potatoes next season.

In early June, potatoes are dug up from the first planting. The largest tubers are taken, and the small ones remain in the ground. Then the plant sits again in the place where it was dug out. Water spills into the holes. After that, the bushes are spudded. They take root in just a week, and in the fall a huge harvest awaits the owners.

The reason is that when ripe in autumn at low temperatures, potatoes grow healthier.

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