Life hacks to help you get a big potato harvest: Asian farmers share tips

The use of polyethylene

Oddly enough, this material saves the landing from a sharp cold snap. In order for the plant to be resistant to low temperatures, it is covered with polyethylene, which is then sprinkled with earth around the edges. Strongly stretch the material is not worth it. Otherwise, the sprouts may break.

When the first shoots appear, you need to think about providing ventilation. To do this, the film is regularly removed, especially in the heat.

To make it more convenient, it is recommended to make a small frame on which polyethylene is stretched.


This process helps to heal the planted potatoes. When thinning, all bushes that are noticeably stunted are removed. Plants with yellowed leaves and potatoes of a different variety should also be removed.

Bushes are removed completely, including new tubers. The tops are destroyed, but the removed tubers can be used for forage.

We remove flowers

The area where potatoes bloom looks incomparable, no one doubts that. However, it should be understood that in this case you donate about 20% of the crop. The emerging organic elements are gradually and evenly distributed over each organ of the plant, including flowers, the appearance of which coincides with the formation of tubers.

Studies show that during this period of time, a quarter of all useful trace elements go into flowers.

Thus, the tubers lose a large percentage of organic matter. Because of this, potatoes grow small, as there is a lack of starch. If you remove the flower stalks, then next year the harvest will definitely be larger.

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