Life hacks to help you get a big potato harvest: Asian farmers share tips

Use of biostimulants

Asians have long advanced in agriculture. Today they use a lot of modern means, among which there are biostimulants. It must be understood that their composition can be both synthetic and natural origin. If you correctly use small dosages, you can increase the yield at times.


Eastern agrarians also do not bypass them. Humates are the most powerful activator of potato development processes. In addition, they are able to protect plants from many dangerous environmental factors, including various diseases. Humates help produce special enzymes with which potatoes can grow in almost any conditions.

If we talk about statistics, scientists say that when observing potatoes, which are planted with humates, the yield increases by 30%. But, based on the experience of Asian colleagues, it can be stated that with the right actions, the harvest can double.

Only organic

And this method is much closer to the Russians, but it is also actively used in Asia. We all know that almost all plants that are planted with a pile of compost grow much faster. So if you don’t like complicated ways, you can start laying compost heaps in potato fields. This will definitely benefit plants, because nutrients for the fruitful growth of potatoes are never superfluous.

In general, all of the described methods can be alternated or used in conjunction with each other. If you wish, you can add something of your own to each described advice, because the climate is different everywhere, especially in Russia. Therefore, it is not always easy to navigate Asia. However, the peculiar experience of eastern farmers should be taken into account by anyone who wants to try new and proven tips this year, which have already proven their effectiveness in many years of practice.

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