Dangerous flowers at home: what plants you need to get rid of urgently

Euphorbiaceae family

This type of plant includes odeums, crotons and euphorbias. Such flowers have indescribable beauty, but in no case should you grow them at home. The only problem is that they secrete poisonous juice. If it gets on the skin, it can cause a dangerous allergy or leave a big burn. In addition, children can sometimes easily eat a flower, which is fraught with very negative consequences.

If you live alone, you can still grow them, especially since they are very beautiful flowers. The main thing is not to forget about precautions. For example, gloves should always be worn when watering and transplanting. If you have an animal, you need to put the plant in a place so that the pet does not get to it.

Nightshade family

Nightshade flowers cannot be planted at home for the same reason as the plants we talked about above. These flowers contain a poisonous substance that can be extremely dangerous to human health. Usually these plants decorate courtyards and balconies. Indoors, they are almost never found. Dangerous poison is found in berries that grow on flowers. Because of them, a person can feel nausea and fall into a drowsy and inhibited state.

Among these flowers, the most popular are Brugmansia and Brunfelsia. Less common is indoor nightshade. By the way, its small green leaves and large orange berries look incredibly impressive, complementing the interior with amazing sophistication and creating accents in different parts of the space. For this reason, they are often bought on a momentary desire. Only at home do the owners learn that the berries of this plant can be dangerous. If there are children at home, you should definitely refuse to care for such a plant.

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