The diet of politicians: what people in power like to eat

Joseph Stalin

The myths that the leader of the proletariat was modest and lived like any other citizen of the Soviet Union have long been refuted by historians. In fact, Stalin adored delicious food and could not live without magnificent feasts. For this reason, he did not like to dine alone.

There were always Georgian dishes on the table. Iosif Vissarionovich was very fond of kharcho, tobacco chicken, lobio, chakhokhbili and chanakhi.

With particular pleasure, Stalin ate lamb, mutton, kebabs, red and black caviar with Caucasian cheeses. And guests could always enjoy all the benefits of the Soviet Union. The table every day was so luxurious that sometimes other politicians tried to refuse to eat with the leader.

Kim Chen In

The leader of North Korea always loves to eat well. This can be seen in its form. Oddly enough, the favorite dish of the North Korean president is sushi. Despite the closed nature of North Korea, the country’s leader has a special interest in the cuisines of other countries. They say that caviar is brought to him from Iran, and meat from Japan and Denmark. In addition, the dictator loves coffee. According to some reports, he spends almost a million dollars annually on it. But on the streets of the country there is not a single coffee shop.

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