The diet of politicians: what people in power like to eat

Elizabeth the Second

The British Queen has not changed her habits for many decades. She starts the day with black tea and cookies. Occasionally pampers himself with cereals with fresh fruits and berries. Even more rarely, he can eat a portion of scrambled eggs with salmon and truffles for breakfast.

Elizabeth eats very simple dishes. Most often, these are stewed vegetables with fish or chicken. After dinner, she prefers to have a sandwich and a few cups of tea. Her favorite sandwich recipe has not changed throughout her reign. Salmon, egg and cucumber are placed on the bread. It is said that she eats such sandwiches almost every day.

Dinner at the queen’s more dense. They cook beef, fish or pheasant for her. After a good dinner, she likes to eat something sweet, she especially likes chocolate, but she tries not to abuse it.

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