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The most beautiful Hollywood actresses

4. Angelina Jolie

The legendary actress, who is considered the idol of beauty by many generations of men. She began her acting career back in 1993 with the film Cyborg 2. The filming and distribution of this film disappointed the girl so much that she even thought of ending her acting career, but, fortunately, she changed her mind.

After that, she gave us a huge number of amazing roles. Of course, she gained the greatest popularity thanks to films about Lara Croft, where she played the main character. The role of Maleficent also brought great popularity.

Moreover, Jolie always wanted to succeed only thanks to her talent. She did not like that she was invited to some films due to her large bust and full lips. Jolie’s main achievement is that she was the first to win the Golden Globe for three years in a row.

3. Charlize Theron

American actress who gained immense popularity in the 90s. Then she played roles in such films as “The Devil’s Advocate”, “The Rules of Winemaking” and many others. Even then, she fell in love with millions of men around the world.

She won her Oscar in 2003 for Monster. It is noteworthy that Charlize Theron was the first South African girl who was able to win this award. Already in 2005, she will win another Oscar.

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