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Oprah Winfrey’s Incredible Montecito House Worth $90 Million

Why is this house considered so special?

For starters, it’s hard to disagree that this house has an extremely history of purchase, and if you delve into its history, it turns out that before the Veloz family, the grandson of John Ford owned this house! The house was built by his grandson John Bacon in 1957. Then they built a house near the ranch, which was a local pride. So, this house has always attracted a lot of attention!

Territory expansion

For a long time, Oprah was content with 42 acres of land. However, after 15 years, she decided to expand her holdings, and acquired an extension to the house. According to Variety, such a purchase cost her almost another $ 30 million. The new addition housed a 23.6-acre horse estate. There was a one-story house with four bedrooms. On its territory there were a stable and an avocado garden. By purchasing this estate, Oprah not only expanded her home improvement options, but also gained even more privacy, as she was much more difficult to spy on.

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