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Oprah Winfrey’s Incredible Montecito House Worth $90 Million

Record purchase

Let’s just say that the house was bought at a sky-high price for that time. Almost immediately, the media began to spread the rumor that Winfrey was able to buy a huge estate of 42 acres. At the time, the media indicated that Winfrey purchased the estate for $50 million. At the same time, everyone was more interested in the benefits that the previous owners were able to receive. The thing is that the Veloz family bought this house literally in 1998, paid “only” $14 million for it! The media also spread the rumor that the Velozes so easily agreed to sell the house, because they thought they didn’t need such a huge territory anyway.

Start of repair

At the time of purchase, the house was nothing special. Then the construction of the pool, patio and tennis court was just beginning. However, none of this bothered Oprah. According to Forbes, at that moment she had a fortune of $800 million and the determination to turn this estate into her dream home. As you can see, she really had a practical opportunity for repair. Thus began a refurbishment that was not heard from until 2013, when O magazine re-published a picture of Oprah and the former owner of the house, Marlene Veloz. The house and the changes that it has undergone can be seen in the background.

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