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Oprah Winfrey’s Incredible Montecito House Worth $90 Million

Oprah Winfrey is a popular American TV star who was able to earn a huge fortune. Today it is difficult to surprise someone with the fact that she owns several houses in America. Her total fortune is estimated as much as 3.1 billion dollars! Despite the fact that Oprah is a hugely popular TV star and leads an active social life, people know very little about her family life and how the star behaves when hundreds of cameras and spotlights are not directed at her. In this article, we take a closer look at how she lives in her amazing home in Montecito, which is worth more than 90 million dollars! Looking ahead, let’s just say that here she was able to show her amazing design skills, which allowed her to turn the house into something truly amazing!


Oprah Winfrey was born in Mississippi, but after her birth she ended up in a rural wilderness in the north of the country, where she lived with her mother and grandmother. Oprah calls this one of the most important moments of her life, since the grandmother turned out to be a religious person, and she took her little granddaughter to local services. Here, Oprah proved herself very quickly as she successfully paraphrased chapters from the Bible. The grandmother gave her granddaughter an extremely strict upbringing, and for the slightest pranks she could beat her with a rod. However, thanks to such a grandmother’s upbringing, the girl was able to immediately enter the third after the first grade!

The further life of the little girl was very difficult. She first moved with her family to the ghetto in Milwaukee, where she faced many trials. However, it was thanks to these trials that she began to speak publicly. Until adulthood, she had to endure many unpleasant moments that would easily break any other person, but Oprah dealt with them. As a result, under the influence of her father, she was able to finish school and begin to study oratory. Here she was able to achieve incredible success by winning a competition at a local club. Thanks to this victory, she entered the university. Here began her career as a future star.

House purchase history

Oprah Winfrey bought her incredible Montecito mansion back in 2001 for $90 million. However, it should be noted right away that at that moment this house was not such a luxurious mansion. It was owned by Robert and Marlene Veloz, who were in the process of converting the house into a fundraising site. However, their plans were not destined to come true. As Oprah said, she found this house quite by accident. She was in the city in April 2001 and took pictures here for her own magazine. During one of the shots, she accidentally discovered this amazing house and wanted to buy it. Even though the owners didn’t want to sell it, Oprah made them a financial offer they couldn’t refuse. And after a while, Oprah became the happy owner of a new home!

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