The invaluable benefits of iodine: why they smear their heels

Lodine to fight fungus

A five percent iodine solution must be applied to the nail. To cure a fungus, one small drop is enough. It is necessary to apply iodine 2 times a day. To achieve a healing effect, when applying iodine, you need to use a swab or cotton swab. This method has been known to the people for a long time. With it, you can get rid of the fungus in a few days.

In this case, it is recommended to use iodine on the fingers that are adjacent to the nail affected by the fungus. This is essential for prevention. Otherwise, the infection can spread to other fingers.

Lodine for acne

If you want to quickly get rid of unpleasant skin rashes, you should use a product that dries the skin. Iodine is perfect for this. Its use lies in the bactericidal property. When the solution gets on the skin, it begins to destroy all the dangerous microorganisms that provoke the appearance of pimples. In addition, iodine will help get rid of strong shine. It can be used for very oily skin, which is prone to the appearance of various rashes.

Iodine has long been used to quickly get rid of acne. This technique is familiar to our grandmothers, who used iodine, when cosmetics could only be dreamed of. However, when using it, one must not forget about specific precautionary rules. Do not forget that iodine can greatly dry the skin. If the skin of the face is already dry, in no case do not apply the solution on it. If you don’t know if iodine can help you, try applying a small amount to an exposed area of ​​your body. If redness and itching are absent, you can most likely use iodine to remove the hated pimples.

Also, iodine solution can be used to remove whiteheads. You need to apply it as carefully as possible, only on the place that is covered with blackheads. All pimples are treated separately from each other. The technique is best used before bedtime. When you wake up, the skin must be wiped with a salicylic solution. This is necessary to relieve the inflammation that has appeared.

Iodine also helps in the fight against comedones, which appear due to the accumulation of impurities on oily skin. If you want to say goodbye to them, mix iodine with a little water and salt. The resulting mixture should be applied with cotton wool.

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