How to understand your dog?

Why do dogs dig holes?

Many owners enjoy watching their pet dig another hole. However, many are trying to understand why exactly they are doing this, and do not find any logical explanations. Moreover, almost every person saw that at the first opportunity the dog tries to dig a hole. It is widely believed that the dog is trying to find the bones that are hidden in the ground. However, this is erroneous. Of course, this is potentially possible, but in most cases, the dog digs the earth for only one purpose – to sharpen its claws. Dogs no longer run free and hunt game, so the claws no longer wear off. In order to prevent them from growing, dogs try to dig the ground.

Why do dogs roll on the grass?

Another strange habit that makes the owners really tender. Most often they do this after they wash themselves. This is quite logically explained by the fact that they do not like their smell, so they try to remove it as quickly as possible with the help of grass. Do not think that the dog simply has nothing to do.

Thus, we have considered the most amazing habits of our beloved pets. As it turned out, any behavior is quite logical, you just need to think a little more about the reasons for the behavior.

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