How to understand your dog?

Dogs are man’s best friend. The most amazing thing is that there are a huge number of dog breeds in the world, each of which has its own amazing features. Along with this, the behavior of dogs is very different, each breed can love its own kind of food or not. All these features make our friends unique and inimitable, for which we love them so much. However, a person quite often may have problems in order to understand their pets. They have some strange habits that can leave a person in a daze, or at least make you wonder why they behave this way. However, you need to understand that any, even the strangest behavior, there is always a reason. Some of them can be surprisingly simple. As part of this material, we will try to take a closer look at the most amazing habits and behaviors of our pets, and also tell you what can cause these habits.

Why does a dog twitch its paws after going to the toilet?

This habit, probably, was noticed by every owner of a furry friend who at least once went for a walk with him. Almost every dog, after he goes to the toilet, strangely pulls his paws and hits himself on them. Many owners think that in this way they are trying to hide their poop, but in reality this is far from the case.

By twitching their paws, dogs secrete special pheromones, with which they mark the territory. This is how one dog makes it clear to another dog that this territory belongs to him. And it is for this reason that your dog may sniff the feces of other pets with such interest. It’s all about the way they communicate.

Why does a dog scratch its butt on the floor?

Very often, the owners begin to notice that their pet is constantly rubbing his backside on the floor, walls or carpet. This can be very strange and sometimes annoying, especially if the carpet ends up getting dirty. However, this behavior of the dog is a clear signal to closely monitor the health of the dog. The thing is that the dog has obvious irritation, which can be caused by an infection or worms. In some cases, it is recommended to go to the veterinarian if the dog’s behavior persists. The veterinarian will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of this unusual behavior and also tell you what is best to do.

The dog may not just rub his back, but try to constantly lick this place. Together with other symptoms, this behavior can indicate health problems.

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