Healing features of onions: how socks and onions are connected

Scientists have long proven that onions contain a lot of useful elements, among which there is phosphoric acid. It is she who, penetrating into the human body, begins to purify the blood. For this reason, many doctors recommend putting onions in your socks! Yes, we didn’t agree. It is one of the most effective remedies for colds and infections.

How did the procedure come about?

This is not another “Internet” find, as many might think. This method has been used since ancient China. Most likely, you have heard that Chinese healers paid great attention to the points located on the feet. Doctors believed that if you influence them, you can achieve longevity and ensure good health.

The doctors of ancient China called the points on the feet meridians and were sure that they were connected with all organs in the human body. So, on traditional stop maps, you can find more than 7 thousand points. Reflexology and many modern teachings are based on this knowledge. Naturally, modern science does not recognize these achievements, however, individual Chinese procedures have long been considered effective by today’s doctors. Among these procedures is the application of onions to the feet.

Why does a bow in socks work?

Onions in socks – an old healing method, which is often called “grandma’s”. Many have known about this method since childhood and still laugh at it. However, today its effectiveness has been proven by numerous medical studies in Western countries.

The method is excellent for the prevention of colds and infectious diseases. It is enough to put the bow to the soles of the feet or directly into the socks.

The reason for the effectiveness of this method lies in the blood flow and nerves in the legs. Onions contain phosphoric acid, which helps cleanse the blood of dangerous toxic substances and pathogens.

At the same time, applying an onion to the feet is reminiscent of acupressure treatment. The action of the onion is like a quality massage, which has an incredible effect on various organs and normalizes blood circulation. Just take a thick piece of onion and put it in your sock right next to your foot. This is exactly what the experts advise. You should not be afraid, with a bow in your socks you can sleep at least all night. The smell will not remain. Doctors say that in the morning it is enough to ventilate the room a little.

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