Famous family conflict: Meghan Markle accused the members of the royal family of racism

In an interview with Oprah, Megan also acknowledged the conflict with the wife of Harry’s older brother, Kate Middleton. But when asked what caused their conflict, Megan did not answer. However, the answer lies on the surface. In the UK and around the world, tabloids have always compared the Duchess. Kate was preferred by 90% of 100%.

During the interview, Prince Harry also raised his voice, shedding light on his strained relationship with relatives. So his father, Prince Charles, was very distant from him after his marriage. For a while, he preferred not to answer Harry’s calls. At that moment, the prince felt like a betrayed father.

Relations with his brother, Prince William, are also not cordial. Prince Harry also emphasized that, despite his own discontent, the royal family should not be confused with the ruling body of the monarchy, which he considers the root of evil. In conclusion, Prince Harry hinted that the current situation is similar to the tragedy of his mother, Princess Diana. Therefore, leaving Buckingham Palace for the sake of the family is an attempt to break out of the system trap.

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