Famous family conflict: Meghan Markle accused the members of the royal family of racism

Even before it aired, the interview was billed as “talk without inhibitions.” And after watching, I must say that the audience was not disappointed. Some even see Meghan and Harry’s open confession as a declaration of war on the British dynasty.

At first, only Megan spoke to Oprah Winfrey. The Duchess has been open about how difficult it was for her to join the royal family. She had to stop talking to her friends. She was constantly under pressure from the press. Plus, it’s completely addictive. She didn’t see her passport and driver’s license until the day she fled to America with her husband.

The total pressure from the media and members of the royal family caused Meghan to become depressed. She even had suicidal thoughts. At this point, Harry tried to help his wife, but met with resistance at Buggingen Palace. If Meghan turns to a psychologist for help, it could seriously damage the royal reputation.
Pregnancy and the birth of a son only aggravated the situation of the Duchess of Sussex.

According to Meghan, when she was pregnant with Archie, there were often hints in the family circle about “how dark skin” their future first child with Harry would be. Recall Mother of Megan Markel African American. Despite the fact that Harry and Meghan did not give a specific name, the claim about signs of racial discrimination by the Kenoig family in Britain is called a true resonance in the global community.
A little later, Oprah Winfrey personally reassured the audience: the Dukes of Sussex assured her that they had never talked about Archie’s skin color with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip.

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