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Ben Affleck and 7 other main men in the life of Jennifer Lopez

  1. Ben Affleck

The two were engaged in November 2002. Ben gave Jen the infamous pink diamond ring at his mom’s house in Boston. A year later, Ben was caught in a strip club in Vancouver. There were rumors that he cheated on Lopez on that trip. However, Affleck still denies these speculations. A planned wedding in Santa Monica was canceled an hour before the ceremony.

In 2021, the couple reunited again. It looks like Jennifer and Ben decided to endure the painful breakups with their lovers in each other’s arms. We hope that this time we will finally see “Bennifer” at the altar.

  1. Mark Anthony

Jennifer and Mark had known each other for a long time, they had warm friendships. The news of their romance was a real surprise to the public. The magnificent wedding was hidden from prying eyes. In February 2008, the couple had twins Max and Emma. From the outside, their marriage seemed perfect, but in 2011, Lopez unexpectedly filed for divorce. The singer admitted that she constantly experienced emotional pressure from Marc Anthony.

  1. Casper Smart

In 2011, just 4 months after breaking up with Marc Anthony, the singer began dating Casper Smart, another handsome backup dancer. It seemed that their relationship can be called exemplary. Even despite the fact that J. Lo is 18 years older than Smart. But in 2014, everything collapsed when evidence appeared in the media that the guy was exchanging candid photos with a transgender model. After some time, they finally broke up.

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