Omicron: what you need to know about new versions of coronovirus

A new variant of the coronavirus, discovered in southern Africa, has raised a number of serious questions New versions of the Coronavirus discovered in South Africa have given rise to a series of serious questions from doctors and scientific societies. Experts are trying to determine if omicron is a viral infection load and does it have a major impact on infection?

Omicron is a new version of the Corionavirus, first discovered in Botswana and South Africa. Many countries have already banned flights from the South African continents. Such as Israel, Japan and Morocco, as a rule, banned the entry of foreign travellers. Despite serious precautions, a new burden has been found in more than 4 dusty countries on every continent except Antarctica.

The new version of the virus has a large number of mutations in an unusual mutation that could make it the transmitter of an existing vaccine that has raised concerns about scientists being so vulnerable. There is some evidence that this variant can be infected by humans. Fortunately, there is no conclusive evidence. If uomicron is more dangerous than previous versions such as Delta, this is not yet known. In the case of the latest vaccine, we will continue to protect the reliable for infection. And above all, they reduce the severity of the disease and the process of mortality.

Researchers from South Africa have discovered about 50 mutations in the S-proteins that form the very A South African researcher found about 50 mutations for the brothers, who formed a crown-like protrusion of the viral envelope. With the help of a spy protein, the virus binds to cells and is infected by the body. Thus, the upper protein is the main target of the antibody that calls the immune system to control the COVID19 infection. It is believed that it can evade immunity protection due to the large amount of Omiclon lightning protein mutation. Even if the antibody is formed by infection or vaccination prior to the antibody.

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